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HDMI on a Dell 3007WFP, anyone?

It’s just me and my luck again… as always… where normal people are well-served with standard solutions like “TV”s, I just can’t help myself… I need my very own special issue 😛

So here’s the deal: I’m thinking about buying a decent console, but…

Back in my PC days, I never accepted the concept of consoles. My standard way of thinking was that I have a PC which I can upgrade when I want and with the piece of hardware I want. Most games get released for PC sooner or later anyway. I never understood those folks buying a new console every couple of years, or worse, two or even three of them (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony,…).

Since I’m a Mac user now and games unfortunately aren’t exactly the strong point of the Mac platform, I think a little different about the whole console stuff now. Long story short, I changed my mind and I’m looking into buying a console. Since Microsoft’s Xbox360 seems to earn a lot of credit from the tech stuff I watch (diggnation, trs,…), on the spur of the moment, my first feeling would be buying an Xbox360.

Now on to my issue (which is not Xbox bound and would be the same with a PS3 btw): Since I don’t have enough space for an additional LCD TV and since I paid a whole load of money for my 3007WFP and don’t want to buy a new TV, I’d like to be able to connect the 360 to the 3007WFP. Since the Dell monitor does HDCP over DVI-D, seems to me it would make sense connecting the 360 directly to it so I can get HDCP content. Even though I’d most probably lose the dual link DVI (and would be stuck at resolutions like 1200x…), I would be OK with that.

However, I definitely don’t want to switch cables every 10 minutes, so at this point I’d need a Dual-Link DVI (which is not DVI-D) capable KVM Switch to power the monitor. And that’s where things get expensive. All acceptable KVMs I found were like $300+. Yes, there’s that one Belkin KVM selling for about $150, but the whole internet claims the hardware is crap, so I won’t touch that.

Well, so I’m sitting here… without a solution to my problem… and that kills my enthusiasm for the whole console project…

If anyone had a solution for me, it would probably make Microsoft sell one more 360 😉 – Feel free to leave a comment…

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  1. timnoetzel says:

    There are actually lots of hubs and converters available. Check this out: http://www.whatdoesthatlooklike.com

    There should be some good options there.

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