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Running Google Chrome with custom Proxy on OSX

Since Lion, Safari has a painful memory leak issue that keeps filling up all of my Mac’s ram when I keep the browser open for a couple of days (closing tabs after use of course). Since this is incredibly annoying, I ended up switching to Google Chrome and … boy that thing is fast!

However, I ran into an issue when I tried using Chrome at work: We have very $*#(%#@_ Proxy settings here. Long story short: Chrome only works with one given set of proxy settings, and all other applications only work with another set of proxy settings. The fact that Chrome absolutely wants to use the OS Proxy settings (in fact, doesn’t even come with custom Proxy settings) was a killer and made the whole browser useless to me… at first 🙂

I started looking into Chrome extensions that promised to switch proxies and use custom ones… It looked to me like they were trying to change the OS’ Proxy settings, which is totally not what I wanted.

After some Google’ing, I finally came across this OSX hint. And YES, it works! 🙂 Together with a little bit of Automator magic, here’s what I ended up doing:

  1.  Open Automator
  2. select to create an Application
  3. Double-click Run Shell Script in the Library/Utilities folder
  4. replace the text content — cat — with the following:
    open -a “Google Chrome” –args –proxy-server=host#:port#
    (Replace host# and port# with the host and port numbers that you need to use)
  5. Save as application somewhere and use it to launch Chrome with your specified proxy.
That’s it, works 🙂

[Java] If you can’t login to your Glassfish Admin Console these days…

If you use Oracle’s Glassfish Application Server and cannot login to your admin Web Console (server loads forever after entering credentials), here’s what’s going on:

The Admin Web Application loads the available module updates from java.net upon login… however, if java.net is down (like right now), or if your internet connection died or is slow, your admin console won’t load. No, they didn’t build in a timeout and yes, this is the default behavior. Thanks, Oracle!

Fortunately, there’s a workaround (you might want to apply in any case…). There are two steps to get your Glassfish Server internet-independent:

  1. Disable Automatic Update Checks
    Rename $GLASSFISH_INST/glassfish/modules/console-updatecenter-plugin.jar to console-updatecenter-plugin.jar.disabled
  2. Disable News and other Internet-Dependent Admin GUI Features
    Set the following System Property (you can do that in the Admin GUI -provided that you can open it- in Configuration > JVM Settings > JVM Options):

That’s it! Now go out and enjoy your independent server 🙂

Take it with humor :)

Today, I crawled a pile of old eMails and found 2 special-looking ones. They were from a well-known software company. Here’s the First one:

Confirmation [company event] 2011

Dear Mike,

We hereby confirm your registration for the [company event]. Below you will find some useful information about the event.

DATE […]

Please print this confirmation and present it at the registration counter.

Registration starts at 8:00 AM. Coffee and tea will be available. The first session starts at 9:30 AM. The final session ends at 5:00 PM. […]

Business or business casual.

We are looking forward welcoming you at the [company event].

Kindest regards,
The [company event] Team

Of course, I never registered for that conference, but I must have an account on their website for them to have my email address… I guess… Well, here’s the second eMail from them, sent only about two and a half hours after:

Dear Mike,

We sent you a confirmation email for the [company event] in error. Please ignore this email as you did not register for this event.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
The [company event] Team

Well, not a big deal to me, these things happen. But as it’s such a good weather today and I’m in a pretty good mood (despite me having to get back to work tomorrow after a week off), I answered their second mail… with a bit of humor 🙂

Dear [company event] Team,

Oh dear! What a terrible mistake… I was so looking forward to participating in the event after I got your first mail… Not only was it quite a letdown when I got the second one, but I also had to cancel my flight, the baby- dog- and fish-sitters and get all the food I’d need to stay at home, frustrated, knowing you just virtualized my forum attendance…

Don’t you think I’d deserve a [company product] license for the caused inconvenience? 😉

Best regards,

… looking forward to hearing from them 😀

Note: Used square brackets to anonymize the company, as accusing them isn’t the goal of this post 😉

My ESC 2011 Top 10

It’s been awhile since I last took the time to write a piece of text longer than 140 chars 😛 So let’s take the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2011 as an occasion to update my blog.

Yah, I know, there’s some controversy around the contest, “European Neighbor Contest” etc, and honestly, I hadn’t even planned watching it this year. But what can I say, it got me again. I guess, being a musician myself, there’s no way around the biggest European music event anyway. So I watched (at least a major part of) it live and got myself the album afterwards.

After listening to it a couple of times, I gotta say there were a whole bunch of great songs in the contest this year. An accurate Top10 list is almost impossible to compile, but since Top10 lists are so popular on the internetz, I made an effort. So here’s my personal ESC 2011 Top10 (based solely on the songs themselves, not the live performances nor the YT-Videos):

  1. Coming Home / Sjonni’s Friends (Iceland) [YT]
  2. In Love For A While / Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland) [YT]
  3. New Tomorrow / A Friend In London (Denmark) [YT]
  4. The Secret Is Love / Nadine Beiler (Austria) [YT]
  5. Running Scared / Nikki & Ell (Azerbaijan) [YT]
  6. Never Alone / 3JS (The Netherlands) [YT]
  7. Change / Hotel FM (Romania) [YT]
  8. Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao  / Lucia Perez (Spain) [YT]
    [Strong contestant for the Summerhit-2011 Title btw!]
  9. One More Day / Eldrine (Georgia) [YT]
  10. Da Da Dam / Paradise Oskar (Finland) [YT]